Kinetic 1/48 AV-8A Harrier

  • Built: 2021
  • Added to Stash: 2021
  • Aftermarket Used: Eduard PE dedicated seatbelt set, Res-art wheels Brassin Zuni rocket pods. Master Models, Pitot tube

The second of my Harrier builds this one was a far more enjoyable build. Kinetic have moulded new fuselage and intake halves for these boxings. the result being a nicer build experience with better fit. The cockpit, to me anyway also looks more in scale than the undersized Sea Harrier Cockpit tubs and seats. There is also sidewall detail moulded into the fuselage halves.

The wings still have to have their trailing edges thinned to avoid a step with the control surfaces and small triangular fillets cut away from the tips so the halves properly mate. On this model, I drooped the flaps as I like doing on a lot of my models. The seat was detailed up with the Eduard PE seat belts for this particular kit and we were ready for paint. Although not specifically mentioned in the instructions, the kit also contains all parts to make a late post upgrade 8C with slime lights, different antenna fits and a later type stencel ejector seat.

It had to be a hi-viz scheme for me, same as the Airfix 1/24 scale Superkit of the Harrier, I built as a teenager.

As these jets were originally built in in the U.K they were finished in R.A.F colours, so Gunze dark sea grey and green were sprayed through my old faithful Badger 150. A DN Models mask set being used to delineate the camouflage pattern. A.K Real colours Light Aircraft Grey being used for the undersides.

Naturally being a marine jet, it needed some air to ground ordnance. Brassin providing the rocket pods.

Im pretty happy with this build, more so than the FA2. With The FRS1 just about done, its looks like I will get through my Kinetic Harrier trilogy fairly painlessly. Should you desire, there is plenty of resin and P.E aftermarket goodness to suit this kit.

I enjoyed this kit so much I’ve kept Kinetics GR1/3 boxing in the stash to build as a R.A.F GR1 jet tucked away in its little forest clearing. To me, the early pointy nose is the classic shape of the Harrier and I am glad Kinetic finally got around to releasing these boxings.

Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier U.S.M.C VMA-513 Det. B 1982

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