Bruce’s Scale Models

G’Day All, and Thanks for your interest in making your way to my website.
Its primarily a place where I can document all my builds over the years.

Although my display cabinet is quite large, it will in no way accommodate every model in my stash once some of the models get sold or parted out to make way for newer builds.

This site allows me to look back on them. Hopefully others will enjoy looking at them and reading about my various tribulations in the builds. Yes there’s always some of those!!

Some of you may notice some uncorrected inaccuracies in models.  I stopped long ago trying to correct these, they slowed my build done, and in a lot of cases, I just couldn’t see the benefit the extra work bought.  Similarly, I also long ago stopped added infinite extra detail to models, again, it just slowed the build down, and sometimes turned it into a slog.  These days with a large stash and shortage of time, Im all about getting models built.  That’s not to say I might still add detail to a particular subject I love.  In a similar vein, you may notice models in configurations you would never find the actual aircraft in, such as flaps down, panels open, armed up etc.  Again, this is not a big thing to me as I like to model to show as many of the features of the actual machine as possible.

The Completed Buildspage is a blog where my latest build is uploaded, so the most recent build will be at the top with earlier builds below. A lot of these builds were completed without me recording the details, so I have relied on my memory – never a good thing- to fill out the details

The Gallery tab has thumbnails of all the builds you can click on which will take you to the article. Over time I will try and fill out some of these build articles more thoroughly . I hope you will bear with me as this site is still a W.I.P.

The Annual Builds tab is purely for my own amusement to keep a track of what gets built in what year.

Again. Thank you for taking the time to browse and perhaps comment