Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Gannet T2

  • Built 2012
  • Aftermarket Used: Nil
  • Decals: Combination of kit and spare to make specific airframe



Build Notes:
This was the second Classic Airframes Gannet that I built.  I wanted to do a Training Machine as the colour scheme appealed to me with those bright yellow training bands.  As I have noted in my previous build, I didn’t find this one of C.A’s better kits, although I love them for doing it.
OOB the model can only be built into the ASW version, luckily I still had a dynavector vac form kit lying around, which you really need anyway to build the CA kit if you want to open the canopies.  The beauty of the Dynavector kit is it includes the parts to make the training version.  These comprise the white metal periscope for the student and the extended cable bulge.  These parts can be easily incorporated into the injection moulded kit. As I lacked good reference photos for the students cockpit, I just mirrored the front cockpit with a spare control stick from the spares box.  The instrument panel was the white metal item from the Dynavector kit.  The assembled model was painted with xtracolour silver, the bands were xtracolour training yellow from memory

Fairey Gannet T2 725 SQN Royal Australian Navy Nowra 1960