Italeri 1/48 Bell 47G Sioux

  • Built: 2009
  • Aftermarket Used: Dedicated Eduard PE set
  • Decals: Hawkeye Australia decals

This is from a time when I was looking to build all post war Australian Defense Force aircraft, starting with helicopters.  A theme that kind of petered out despite me owning at one time all available kits of aircraft that fit this theme. 

Anyway, I had an excellent set of walk-around photos I took of the Sioux at the now closed, greatly missed Air World Air Museum in Wangaratta. Victoria.

Using these as reference, I decided the kit boom was overscale and proceeded to cut out all the cross members rebuilding them  from brass rod.  I kept the plastic main horizontal beams for ease of working.  If I was to do it now, I would rebuild the whole boom, soldering all the joins.  PE was used from the set to enhance the engine, swash plates and cockpit. Additional radios were scratchbuilt and added to the instrument panel as per my photographs.  EZ line was used for the control cables, whilst wire was used for the fuel lines.
   Its a spindly little thing and I’m surprised its survived the house moves it has, and it still resides in my cabinet. It is starting to look a little sad as you can see by the drooping rotor.
  Paint was Xtracolour and decals by hawkeye.  I was not impressed with the decals at all, but they were the only game in town, and still are, although far better roo roundels are available from Ronin Aviation Graphics here in Australia and Xtradecal from the U.K. At the time I was quite impressed with it, although its certainly not up to my current standards.  I wouldn’t mind repeating the build at some stage with the 1/35 scale kit as I’ve always liked the little Bell.

Bell 47G Sioux 161 Recce SQN Australian Army. Oakey. Queensland 1973