Esci 1/48 C.A.C Kiowa

  • Built:2008
  • Aftermarket Used: Eduard Seat belts
  • Decals: Aussie Decals

So impressed were the Army with the Kiowas performance, that a request was put in to purchase more. These were made in Australia by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, modified with higher skids and extra grills in the cowling to help with cooling. Armed with some of my own photos and the excellent Red Roo book “Kiowa in Australian Service” I set about cutting out the extra holes required for the additional grills and backing them with brass screen. The Jetranger boxing was used as it contains the higher skids. Pilot’s seats had the lambswool covers represented by coating the cushions in Mr Surfacer then stippling it with a cut down brush just as it was drying. Footsteps were added from brass wire and plasticard discs. Underneath, a doppler radar was added from laminated plastic discs, sanded to shape. The wire cutters came from a ESCI Huey kit. Paint again was Xtracolour sprayed with my trusty Badger 150 with decals coming from the dedicated Aussie Decals sheet for this bird. The UHF aerial was a length of wire.  These were fun kits to build. You just need to work out what boxing best suits the variant you want to make.  One day I will get around to building a R.A.N machine as well

C.A.C CA-32 Kiowa 161 Recce SQN Australian Army. Darwin. Australia 2001