Esci 1/48 Bell OH-58 Kiowa

  • Built:2008
  • Aftermarket: Used: Eduard Seat belts
  • Decals: Combination of kit and Hawkeye Australia

I did three models of the Kiowa to show its evolution and represent the various schemes it wore whilst used by the Australian Defence Forces during its service life.

Our first Kiowas were leased from the US Army during the Vietnam War to replace the ageing Sioux, As such, these eight machines still retained the US serial numbers. In model form, this  was easy enough to do straight from the box, the only addition being seat armour added from plastic card and strip. A set of Eduard seatbelts completed the cockpit. The model was painted with xtracolour Olive Drab and international orange before being decalled using the ARMY titles from the box with the roundels and serial numbers coming from the spares box. This model left the collection in 2021.

Bell OH-58 Kiowa. 161 Flight. Australian Army. Nui Dat. Sth. Vietnam 1971